Main Theme

Future of Industry 5.0 in Next Generation Supply Chains: Challenges and Way Forward

Digital transformation has become increasingly strategic, with supply chain practitioners responsible for significant modifications aligned with core business objectives. After back-to-back human and natural disasters, businesses face the reality that difficult operating conditions are the new normal. During these phases, business transformation practitioners have played a significant role in maximizing efficiency, eliminating waste, and lowering operating costs while ensuring that transformation goals align with their organization’s goals for future sustenance, growth and scalability. To reflect this change and focus on end-to-end business transformation, the Fifth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 5.0, is anticipated by many corporate leaders and industry pioneers and will focus on harnessing the interaction between human touch, innovation, and efficiency. Due to the expansion of the industrial revolution, the corporate sector has undergone a significant transformation.
Are we prepared to adapt our corporate cultures to Industry 5.0? This drives the necessity for more academic and scholarly work on the theme “Future of Industry 5.0 in Next Generation Supply Chains: Challenges and Way Forward” for which this International Conference aims to be a platform for. This conference will be one of the venues to deliberate deep dive to examine the opportunities and challenges and will give researchers, academicians, professionals, and students from cross-disciplinary interests a platform to interact and disseminate information on industry 5.0 and its effect on business.